pandex - An Extension Framework for pandas

pandex is a framework for creating, managing and sharing extensions for the pandas package.

There is a built-in extension system in pandas but it is not straightforward to share these between projects, virtual environments, other users on the same server or indeed, the wider world.

pandex allows extensions to be installed from local files, directories or directly from public GitHub repositories. Once installed, they persist for a user across multiple virtual environments.

Any existing script can be upgraded to support extensions with a single line change. Simply replace:

import pandas as pd


import pandex as pd

and all dataframes created from pd will be able to access installed extensions.

An demo extension which calculates the circumference and area of circles from a column of radius values can be installed:

pd.ext.import_extension('github:connectedblue/pdext_collection -> circle_calculations')

Whenever these calculations are required for a dataframe df which contains a column radius, the extension can be called:


To see the currently installed extensions:


Full documentation can be found here